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Scholarship Information

Butch Reimer Memorial Fund for Scholarships


We are thrilled to announce the 2011 recipients of the Butch Reimer Memorial Scholarship Fund! Three scholarships were given this year, totaling $2,500, due to the high number of deserving applicants. 

Pulaski High School Scholarships

Please click here to read a letter from Ryan

Please click here to read a letter from Stephanie

UWGB Nordic Skiing / Softball Scholarship

Please click here to read a letter from Jeffrey

Congrats to Ryan, Stephanie, and Jeffrey! Thank you for your application, commitment to academics and athletics, and to Butch's memory!

Inspired by the announcement that Dehmlow family and their Max Muscle store (Woodbury, MN) established an annual scholarship, Super Heroes, to be awarded in Butch's name to student athletes in the Twin City area,  the Reimer Family started a similar scholarship fund in the Green Bay area for Pulaski seniors and UWGB nordic skiers.

Butch spent over 20 years in the Green Bay area participating at the highest levels in soccer, fast pitch softball, and nordic skiing as well as coaching both young men and women at Pulaski High School and the UWBG.  His passion for working with young adults and seeing them reach lofty goals was the genesis for starting this scholarship fund so that even after his death, Butch will continue assisting young men and women in reaching their education and athletic goals.

Each year the Butch Reimer Memorial Scholarship Fund will award funds to worthy student(s) based on their future academic and athletic pursuits. Due to the tremendous outpouring of community support, we are pleased to announce that TWO awards, each for $1000, will be distrubuted in May 2011One will be given to a Pulaski High School student athlete planning to pursue athletic competition as they continue their educations.  The other will be given to a current UWGB Nordic Skiing or Softball athlete.

Pulaski High School Scholarship

Applications for the Pulaski High School Scholarship should be completed and mailed or turned in to the PACE Office (address below) by APRIL 1, 2011

PACE Office

P.O. Box 36

136 Front Street

Pulaski, WI 541162

Pulaski High School Scholarship Application

UWBG Nordic Skiing / Softball Scholarship

The UWGB Nordic Skiing / Softball Scholarship will be awarded to a worthy student based on specific criteria, such as academic success, and athletic prowessStudent selection will be decided by a donor advisory group.

UWGB Nordic Skiing / Softball Criteria

Questions or comments about the scholarship? Email or call Jed DeYoung at jeddeyoung@charter.net or (585) 771-7336.